November 30, 2013

By Jessica Mohlman (Northland College)


The day began just like any other day in our Namibian paradise, yet it was hard to believe that in a few hours time our friends and family back home would be beginning their preparations for their Thanksgiving feasts. While our Thanksgiving may have been non-traditional, it was still full of fond memories and will be one to remember forever.

Our Thanksgiving consisted of  finishing, or “crushing”, our final game routes of the season while in Palmwag Concession. While this was a very bittersweet moment, I couldn’t imagine ending our game drives in a better way. As we drove the gorgeous route over-looking a vast lush canyon, I reflected on how amazing this adventure has been and how it has forever impacted my life. As we drove back to our campsite, we were all very quiet and all that was heard was the clanking of the rocks we drove over. We were all absorbing the beauty of the place we have called home for the past few months and reflecting on our times here.


Jessica, Marina, Wyatt, and Leah on their last game route in Palmwag Concession


Later in the day as we returned to Wereldsend, I jumped out of the truck and swung open the creaking gates that help guard the place we have called home. As I closed the gates behind the truck and ran back to claim my seat, it struck me that that would be the last time I would performing this task, and the last time we would be returning to Wereldsend. During dinner as we sat around the fire with the familiar scent of mopane wood filling the air, we cracked open a can of peaches in an effort to make our dinner a bit more special. As the peach can made its rounds around the fire, I couldn’t help but think about how thankful I am to have gotten to know and share my adventure with such amazing people, and for the opportunities this adventure has bestowed upon me. However, I do not need a holiday to remind me of this. I am thankful everyday for those I have in my life and the amazing individuals with whom I am sharing this adventure. Everyday here I become more and more thankful for the little things in life, such as shade, water, or a toilet and shower. Every day here I become more and more thankful for everything and everyone in my life.

As our semester in Namibia begins to wind down, we are all enjoying our last few days at Wereldsend and gearing up for finals. It is unreal to believe that this chapter of our lives has almost ended, and it will all soon just be a memory. These memories will never fade from our lives, and they will forever be a part of each and everyone of us. However, until then, we eagerly await the end of finals week, and we can hear the coast calling our names.